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A broader range of online calculators developed to assist farmers to gauge the possible benefits of using urea treated with a urease inhibitor are now available.

 Summer is just around the corner which in New Zealand typically means drier weather conditions making it difficult to assess the best time to apply nitrogen fertiliser.

 Urea treated with the urease inhibitor AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser addresses ammonia volatilisation and offers farmers more flexibility to apply nitrogen when it’s needed most or when it suits them better even if the weather or soil conditions are not optimal.

 Ballance Agri-Nutrients Sales and Strategy General Manager Willie Thomson says farmers are always looking at ways to operate their farms more sustainably, but it has to have an economic pay off.

 “As pressure comes on farm incomes and on farm practices with tighter regulations on nitrogen losses from regional councils, it becomes even more important for farmers to get the returns they are looking for from every kilogram of nitrogen applied and with the least possible waste.”

 Mr Thomson says that’s why the business has seen such a good response to this improved form of nitrogen.

 “Since we started selling the product through the Ballance Agri-Nutrients brand a year ago we have seen an increase in use among farmers as they become aware of the economic and environmental benefits of SustaiN Green.

 Three new crop calculators – kale/swede, summer turnips and maize -have been added to to assist with strategic nitrogen decisions.

 Farmers can go online and answer a series of questions which will calculate the estimated net financial benefit of using SustaiN Green instead of standard urea for a range of farming circumstances including dairy farmers, beef or lamb finishers, kale and swede crops, summer turnips and maize crops.

 “These new calculators mean farmers across a broader range of sectors can use this tool to help make a decision on which form of nitrogen to use this summer, whether they are dairying, finishing lambs or planting crops.”

 SustaiN Green can be applied when it’s dry because AGROTAIN® prevents the urea converting to ammonium which reduces its effectiveness and can raise the soil pH.

 This means farmers don’t need to rely too heavily on weather forecasts and can build a nitrogen application into their own schedule.

 As with all Ballance products, SustaiN Green is based on sound science, with independent research conducted by AgResearch demonstrating that farmers using urea treated with a urease inhibitor can expect a better nitrogen boost to pasture and crops providing farmers more flexibility.

 “Put simply, farmers are more likely to get a return on investment through the use of this product compared to a standard urea product. It has very real benefits for farmers, producing more pasture leading to more milk for dairy farmers and increased live weight for sheep and beef producers,” says Mr Thomson.

 “We’re here to help farmers through the provision of the most cost effective nutrients for their farming businesses. SustaiN Green is just one example of the ways in which we can help.”

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