Nait nothing but an irritation

| November 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

By B Clarke

Nait is causing nothing but trouble and confusion as far as I can see. The stock agents still don’t seem to have grasped what they’re meant to be doing.

If you sell animals you’re lucky to find out where they’re going half the time ¬†let alone know the buyers Nait number.

I wonder how many extra people have had to be employed just because of the extra work tht Nait has caused?

And, will it be accurate? I can’t see it. When an animal goes to the meatworks the nait tag will have to continue on with the carcass surely. So what is the difference between a token and an ear tag. The chances of the meat works getting it right have never been good and I don’t reckon Nait is going to help that!

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  1. Mree says:

    NAIT tags fall out; in the paddock and in the trucks on the way to the works.
    Truck drivers are saying that they are finding NAIT tags in the trucks after transport.
    The ‘works’ (Silver Fern Farms, Dargaville, Northland) will not accept the tags that have come out of the animal(s) from off the truck, even if the stock are all from one farm and the tag is handed in with the stock on delivery.
    If the NAIT tag is the only tag to identify which farm the animal is from and the NAIT tags falls out prior to the ‘works’, farmers also get charged / fined on a per kilo basis etc, for having no ID.

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