Can I submit a press release or article to Farmnews?
Yes, just email it to info@farmnews.co.nz

How can I get a link to my website from Farmnews?
1. Have a paid advertisement/button/banner which links to your email address or website. Check out “advertise” for this.
2. Have your website hosted by Farmnews (see below).

Can I have my website hosted with Farmnews? And what are the benefits?
Yes you can, and there are many benefit but the main one is increased traffic as a link to your site is posted on the front of Farmnews.

I have a website that has nothing to do with farming – can you still host it and design it?
Yes. Contact us for more information.

I don’t have a website – how hard is it to get one?
It’s pretty easy and doesn’t necessarily take very long if you already have the information needed for it.

I have a website but it needs upgrading? Could I shift it to Farmnews and get it updated?
Sure thing.

To contact us about web design etc email info@farmnews.co.nz.