Forget the ear tags … buy the animals …

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For sale: Five ear tags – animals attached and thrown in…. Yeah Right!!

Farmers sick of the hassle of avoiding social media rules need look no further than the newest online nationwide “free classified website.” gives farmers the opportunity to list their livestock and other associated farming paraphernalia at no cost and either through existing social media channels or without a lengthy registration process.

The website is the brainchild of founder Robin Marshall, who said she developed the site out of her growing frustration over the clampdown on pet sales on traditional outlets such as Facebook.

“I can understand the concerns of Facebook, but the reality is that many people legitimately wish to buy and sell horses and their gear.

“It got to the point that I couldn’t even list baleage and certain pieces of tack without falling foul of the Facebook algorithm.

“Farmers need affordable options and this marketplace is designed to fulfill that need. Provided that buyers and sellers exercise customary caution online, it should all work out fine.”

“We were able to develop and host it off the back of Horsetalk, so we have been able to keep it affordable. Well, you can’t get any more affordable than free!”

Beta testers have made some early listings to test the website, and Marshall is hopeful there won’t be too many wrinkles to iron out following its official launch.

“We intend to sort them out as we go.”

Marshall stresses that buyers and sellers need to exercise care in the online environment and be conscious of the risk from scammers.

“We’ll keep an eye on things, but the responsibility rests with each individual user. We’ll be updating the Dungpile blog regularly with advice on how to avoid scammers, but the old adage will always apply: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

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