Angus bull for dinner – almost!

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bullIt’s pretty common these days for Angus to be on the menu… but Angus bull at a Gala Dinner is another matter!

Fortunately for those attending, the bull, one of New Zealand’s top Angus stud bulls, is not going to be dished up but instead is the feature of a painting by NZ artist Lana McArdle.

The painting was especially commissioned for an auction which will be held at the Gala Dinner, in Rotorua, on October 15.

Many who have admire the stunning 2m wide painting say that is lifelike.

The dinner guest list is made up of both New Zealand and overseas Angus enthusiasts, some of whom have travelled from
afar to attend this international forum, there will no doubt be a strong line-up of keen bidders.

Lana McArdle specialises in fine art portraits and is one of the top artists in New Zealand in this field. It is therefore, of
no surprise that Angus New Zealand head-hunted her to paint a portrait of one of their top Angus stud bulls to
commemorate the 2013 PGG Wrightson World Angus Forum they are hosting here in New Zealand.

When asked about the challenges of such a painting Lana described it as an “honour” to be asked to paint such a
beautiful animal for an occasion as special as this.

As well as the creative pleasure Lana gets from working as a fine artist she also considers herself to have an
adrenaline-seeking side and these are two sensations she never expected to experience in a combined way.

“When you are photographing the subject for a painting and that subject happens to be a large Angus bull standing
two feet in front of you the adrenaline is definitely pumping!”

Lana worked closely along-side her client, Angus New Zelanad throughout the duration of this project, noting that
when painting a subject such as this it was really important to consult breeders in order to clearly underpin what
special features and characteristics needed to really shine through the finished piece.

“It’s a great feeling to see the look on a breeder’s face when you’ve got it right. It’s even better when everyday people
can see something special in my paintings that they may never have noticed before. Like how beautiful an animal the
Angus bull is for example; that’s what makes painting special.”

Lana received first place in the 2006 Wheeler Campbell Emerging Art Awards, establishing recognition of her
accomplished style. She paints on fine Berge Belgian and Italian Linen, stretched on to Museum quality kiln dried

Her medium is predominantly oils and uses only the highest quality French and German paints.
Lana’s versatility to paint almost any subject with realistic accuracy, gives her the flexibility and creativity to deliver
exactly what her customers want. This could include her beautiful Central Otago Landscapes through to a prestigious
portrait of an animal such as the iconic New Zealand Thoroughbred, Sir Tristram.

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