Working Bee at the Gravel Pit


20130501_Gravel Pit.4 Nick & Polly on weed spraying.1Weed control is an ongoing necessity at the Gravel Pit with gorse and broom popping up on a regular basis.

As native plants become established though they should dominate and reduce the need for this control work.

The other development from the working bee was the beginning of a walking track to a lookout on top of the hill.

Following the base formation by the tractor,  gravel was dispersed, with one track heading down to the old road and another taking you back down the hill to head across to the carpark.

20130501_Gravel Pit.3 Brian & Murray levelling the track.1
There is a distance of boardwalk required to  take you across the swampy area before access is complete.

The WLG will go for a funding grant to help with the purchase of materials for this and hopefully it will be in place for next summer.

There is also the intention to build a shelter on the top of the hill, and from here you will be able to look out over the pond. So watch this space.


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