Who’s going to trust Environment Southland now?

| November 8, 2012 | 0 Comments

By James B (wished to remain anonymous)

In the farming community in recent times there might have been a few farmers that would have trusted Environment Southland. I wonder if they are still so trusting?

The staff at Environment Southland have now shown their true colours. Their urge to persecute and control farmers has seen them take on a whole new role in the community.

When you can’t trust those with “authority” – the rule makers! Who can you trust?

The councillors must have known what was going on. Or, if they didn’t then it’s more foool them and it is the councillors who are now sitting with a large pool of effluent “of their own making” sitting at their door.!

As a dairyfarmer if your worker spills effluent (no matter how minor) it is not usually that worker who is held accountable. It is the dairyfarmer himself.

There can not be different rules for those in authority.

So, if the staff at ES have gone awol it is the council who should stand up and be accountable.

That council needs to think where their future lies. I don’t think it is in Southland.

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