World Wetlands Day Celebrated

World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally on the 2nd February every year.

Mark-Oster,-Environment Southland -Education-Officer,-tells-Gorge-Road-School-juniors-about-what-lives-in-wetlands.

Mark-Oster,-Environment Southland -Education-Officer,-tells-Gorge-Road-School-juniors-about-what-lives-in-wetlands.

The Waituna Landcare Group and the Gorge Road School joined together to celebrate our local Waituna Wetlands.

The senior school walked the Waituna Loop Track, enjoying the new interpretation panels erected last spring and learning about wetland values and the history of the area along the way.

The junior school had a trip to the Southland Community Nursery and Nature Centre to look at the wetlands there and learn about what lives in those areas and how we can help them.

They visited Waituna Lagoon on the way back to school for a walk along to the lookout to see what birds lived on the special wetland in their back yard.

For articles prior to March 2013, and for more information about the Waituna Landcare Group  visit www.farmnews.co.nz/waituna

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